Mindy in all her gloryMindy

Melinda Annalise Perkins (who goes by Mindy for obvious reasons) was born into a posh, upper-middle-class New England family in Pennsylvania. She studied linguistics at Sherman University where her father teaches. Dissatisfied with the complacency of her palatial life, she seeks to find treasure and discover knowledge that will leave a lasting impact upon the world.

Enthusiastic and persistent, Mindy pursues her goals with little thought given to her personal safety. While not a pacifist per se, Mindy prefers to solve her problems with ingenuity and cleverness rather than violence. She shares a love of history and geography with her father, and is quite tenacious like her mother, who runs a successful newspaper.


Maxwell Shepard (Max for short) was originally hired by Mindy to act as a guide for one of her expeditions. Over time, he proved such a valuable ally that Mindy now considers him a partner. Max took to heart the motto of the Boy Scouts, and prepares well for every occasion. He is an expert outdoorsman and is well versed in the ways of survival.

Max provides much-needed stability to the team. Though he can be squeamish in spooky situations, he is generally very level-headed and tries to help Mindy make wise decisions. Max never panics, and he always looks for a bright side to any dark situation. Despite his discomfort with some of Mindy's more impulsive actions, he sticks by her side, as he feels something of a responsibility to keep her safe.


Meg (full name Margaret) was orphaned at a young age. Her mother died when she was three years old, and she never knew anything about her father. Meg lived as a street rat in the capital of Brickshire for the first several years of her life, surviving by stealing food and obtaining charity from a local convent. At the age of eight, Meg escaped the evil Ice Queen Crythia’s attack on the king of Brickshire with the help of Robin, the king’s captain of the guard.

Meg takes a snarky attitude towards life in general, and tends to pooh-pooh things she can't see, hear, or touch. Though she would be somewhat embarrassed to say it, she loves her adoptive father dearly, and greatly values the life they forged for themselves in the wilderness. Meg is an excellent archer and an expert at stealthily navigating the woods. It is a rare day when she cannot hunt down some game to eat.


Sir Robin of Brickshire was King Richard the Lesser’s captain of the guard before Crythia’s attack. He earned this position through valiant deeds in many battles over 20 years of service. Robin feels great shame for his inability to protect the king from Crythia, and has resolved to live out the rest of his days in self-imposed exile.

Despite his misgivings about his worth as a knight, Robin is still one of the most skilled warriors in the kingdom. He is an expert in many types of armed combat, though he prefers his longsword. He loves nothing in the world more than Meg, and would do anything to protect her without question. Robin has a strong moral compass and a great distaste for injustice.

Mortagast was King Richard the Lesser’s court wizard. He and Robin often fought together in important battles and became good friends during Robin’s stint as captain of the guard. Mortagast is one of the most learned men on the continent. Before the kingdom fell, he took every opportunity available to him to study long-forgotten texts filled with lore and magic, and takes every opportunity to share that knowledge with others.

As a consequence of his great learning, Mortagast takes a somewhat lofty view of the world. He is always thinking in terms of the greater good and is continually seeking to build a better future. His tendency to focus on the worldwide trends of good and evil comes at the expense of the little things; Mortagast tends to overlook the lives of individuals. This is not to say he isn’t compassionate, for he can be very caring when he means to, but his focus is almost always on events of a grand scale.

In the first war against Crythia, allies from many surrounding regions joined together to defeat the dark forces. Among those forces were the Amazons, skilled female warriors with the strength of ten men. During the long march from the Peloponnese peninsula, Penelope was separated from her troop. She wandered the countryside for fifteen years until meeting Meg, Robin, and Mortagast.

Penelope is a reasonably competent fighter, though she has little desire to maximize her potential, since weapons training bores her. Her carefree attitude distanced her from the other Amazons in her squad, whose uber-serious sense of duty she did not share. Because of this, she highly values the friendships she is developing with Meg, Robin, and Mortagast, and would go to great lengths to protect them.