Comic 15 - Chapter M1: Introductions | Part 15

6th May 2020, 7:33 PM in Chapter M1: Introductions
Chapter M1: Introductions | Part 15
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ccznen 6th May 2020, 7:33 PM edit delete
Mindy’s dad doesn’t really approve of Mindy’s adventuring, but in his mind, it’s Mindy’s choice. As an historian and geographer, Mindy’s findings always interest him. Mindy’s mom, on the other hand, is much more outspoken. She wants Mindy to settle down and get a stable job, preferably with the newspaper she runs. Both of Mindy’s parents want the best for her, but they go about it a little differently.

There’s only one more page of family drama until we get back to the adventuring. This is my attempt to flesh out Mindy’s character a little. I’m honestly not sure how well it’s working. I hope to develop this into a satisfying and nuanced character arc in the future.
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